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Malik the Bard

The simple life. A dream of revenge. A girl to change it all. A fantasy novel by S.A. Moore.



Malik was a simple youthful bard, who dreamed of revenging his parents. The only thing holding him back: he couldn’t hold a sword. Without the proper training, without direction, and without means, Malik would have only dreamed of achieving his goals. When Mollie entered his life and turned it on end. She brought with her monsters no one could ever seek to control.

With his dream of revenge on his doorstep, can Malik face his fears and rally against the notorious mercenaries known as the Tempre Warriors, or will he allow them to find the relic of the Crystal Dragon and destroy more than he could ever imagine?

Everything was going fine until the day he met Mollie and the monster’s she brought with her. Now with his life turned on end, he discovers his life was never so simple.


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