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Lunacy’s Dance



The students at Jalint University had been
circling their calendars for a carefree, memorable
field trip at the prestigious Mt. Kass.

Things change, however, when they find
themselves in a world of torment, as though
the very mountain itself is out for their throats!

Mt. Kass, famous as the battleground of a
famous war, houses a dark secret.

Classmates of all different walks of life are
now in the scopes of the fallen men and
women who have risen from the ground to
finish what they started.

Ready yourself for a peculiar, eccentric story
like no other.

1 review for Lunacy’s Dance

  1. Michael Buckley

    What a weird, oddball story from Nick, a local writer I met at Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He described the story to me as a “left-handed tale” and I didn’t know what he meant then, but, boy, do I know what he meant now. The horror is quirky, violent, and filled to the brim with crazed moments. I’d recommend it to folks looking for something just a little bit different.

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