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The Wardens | Full Novel


Run from assassins. Free the slaves. Fight the Gods! That’s the battle-cry for S.A. Moore’s The Wardens fantasy novel.

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Run from assassins. Free the slaves. Fight the Gods!

With death right around the corner, Alis saves former Assassin Caid, and brings him into her underground fortress to hide. With aspirations to free her people, Alis only asks one thing in repayment, help her start a revolution. Reluctant to lead, Caid tries to find out why those with the power given by the gods have turned against their principles. What he finds instead, may surprise him even more than dead friends, a rampant group of assassins, and a plot to destroy the city. 

Can a former assassin and an escaped slave change the world? Or will those who lust for power call the gods into the world?


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