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The Heir’s Brother



The Heir’s Brother tells the story of Prince Roxwale, son of King Blaine and older brother to Prince Palon, rightful heir to the throne. Although the bond between Roxwale and Palon is close – they could not be any more different. Whereas Palon is strong and respected, Roxwale is feeble and indignant of his treatment through the City of Esko. While accompanying Palon on one of his escapades, Roxwale’s body is poisoned, resulting in mass hysteria and hallucinations.

Dreams ensue that witness Roxwale being called to by a horned goddess that claims herself as The Queen of Bahal and the Prince soon finds that his behavior has been manipulated as well. After committing a wrongful act for which he was not in-control, Prince Roxwale embarks on the unlikely journey to confront the horned goddess and prove his innocence.

Roxwale: The Heir’s Brother is the third installment in McConnaughay’s The Aeonian Fantasy series, set before the events of The Red Flux & the Wunderkind Thief and shortly after Katalene the Hollow. Like the others, readers need not have read earlier books in order to appreciate The Heir’s Brother.


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