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52 Corpse Pick Up

52 Corpse Pick Up is a black-comedy, crime-thriller, following the ascent of Hardan’s criminal underbelly and those trying to stop it.


Jacob Halwright’s head exploded!

Such a phrase seemed too dramatic, almost, but, there Jacob Halwright’s dead body laid; head all ‘sploded-like. It was crazy the way the right handgun could blow off the top of a person’s head like a magician’s trick gone tragically awry. Imagine being a child at a birthday party, everything’s well, til your mother goes to slice a piece of cake, then, stops, removes her mask, revealing Jacob Halwright, whose head then exploded!

52 Corpse Pick Up is the debut installment in McConnaughay’s aptly named The Black Sands Saga, and the first hundred-something words tell you about all you need to know about the novel. It is dark. It’s quirky! And, it’s thoughtful.

Jeremy Crider is an aspiring actor whose life takes a stroll on the wild side when he meets Robert Spade, an enigmatic, violent individual whose determined to ascend to unprecedented heights in Hardan’s criminal underbelly.
In the other corner, we have Detective Jean Marx, a new arrival to Hardan’s department. He is on the hunt for a serial killer wreaking havoc, only known as The Ashland Vulture.

Consider it Nicholas McConnaughay’s magnum opus, a balls-to-the-wall crime black-comedy that’ll never sell a dime but will be a lot of depraved fun for the rare soul who decides to dabble in its macabre sensibilities and endearing black heart.


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