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Catherine: Forever with Love

Catherine: Forever with Love is a horror story about a young girl who finds herself targeted by ghastly creatures.


Catherine: Forever with Love follows a young girl named Holly Prescott, a student at North Rites High School. Holly isn’t too different from your common schoolgirl, but a wrench is thrown in her life after the tragic death of her father from a car accident. Since then, the relationship she has with her mother Olivia has been rocky at best.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, is a man named Mr. Douglas, a teacher for North Rites that’s eccentric at best, plagued with abnormalities and an infatuation with a student named Catherine.

Their situation binds them together through forces neither of them can begin to understand. The supernatural horror sees Holly Prescott engaged by supernatural entities and brought into a not-of-this-world hellhole that can bend the world at its whim.

The novel is McConnaughay’s first foray into the horror genre and was influenced by many of the classic slasher and mind-bending horror of yesteryear.


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