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A Monster Story: What Once Was

Exploration has its price. That’s the moral of S.A. Moore’s horror novelette The Color House.



Exploration has its price.

A long way from home, a group of scientists, soldiers, and miners come together to catalogue a new world. With expectations of a large payout and a cushy life in retirement, they all contend with the struggle of building a resource and information laden bounty. All is as well as can be until the top scientist for the mission goes missing without a clue. Follow a story of what it means to be human as seen through the eyes of a monster.

The Monster: What Once Was is a story about seeing the world through a different perspective (and will be the first in a series of stories about unique perspectives). Not every monster is a villain and not every human is a saint. The novelette acts as the fifth installment in the Readers Digested series, presented by Mishmashers Publishing.


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