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   Hey, everybody! I realize it has been awhile since I have sat down and talked to each of you about Mishmashers Publishing, its inner workings, and all that we are seeking to accomplish with it. For that, first and foremost, I want to offer my sincere apologies. Sometimes (in this case, unfortunately) life happens and it can become difficult to juggle ambitions, pursuance of goals, and communicating said pursuance of goals – for lack of a more apt explanation. 

   However, as we progress through the next phase of Mishmashers Publishing, I consider it to be of the utmost importance that we all share this experience together and offer transparency on Mishmashers growth.

   In 2022, Mishmashers Publishing brought you Readers Digested, Vol. 1, a curated series of stories created by our newly assembled team of authors.

   This was an exciting development for Mishmashers as a company, and it took a lot of time and effort to accomplish. For the last five years, Scott and I have brought our own stories, including our ongoing Canes series (which we will talk about more in this blog), as well as our own solo ventures (which we will also talk about). That was it though! It was he and I, and that was that. With Readers Digested, Vol. 1, we added Todd Rigney, Matt Schorr, Ashley Grant, Tim Babbitt, and Bradley Walker into the mix. This was championed by my novelette Parlor Tricks, Scott’s novelette Parlor Tricks, and Bradley’s novelette The Science of Spirits. 

   This Summer, we followed up Readers Digested with its sequel Readers Digested, Vol. 2, which saw contributions from Schorr, Grant, and Walker once again, respectively. This collection also introduced writer Graves Asher as well. This was championed by my novelette The One Two Punchline, Scott’s novelette The Color House, and The Widow’s Son by Graves.

   Something we are very invested in is introducing and experiencing unique artists on (and through our Amazon releases). We want you to read Readers Digested and wonder what is next for Bradley Walker or Ashley Grant, and then, have the answer for you! 

   I am of the belief that, in a warped sense, every story I write is a sequel to what I wrote before. Even though the stories change and the dynamic, they are an incremental part of my own experience as a person. What emotions I feel. How have I improved? Plot threads correlate. Resolutions come in unclear ways. Through writing, I feel like I have worked through so many things, answered questions for myself, and grown as a person. I love the idea of being able to help document that and offer a platform for readers to experience that with other writers.

   This is the reason I am excited to inform you that we will be ramping up our production on and its subscription services.

   Over the next year, we have a lot to be excited about:

  • Ashley Grant will continue her affiliation with Mishmashers Publishing by releasing her debut novel Empty Cargo through our Subscription service. Empty Cargo will also be available on and be brought to you at comic cons and book expos wherever we attend. The novel will draw influence from Bram Stoker’s Dracula and will premiere episodically on’s second tier subscription service.
  • Scott Moore and will return to the world of Canes, publishing our fourth installment, aptly named The Canes Agenda. The first two episodes (of twelve) will premiere on’s first tier subscription service.
  • Beyond, Scott Moore has various other projects he will be releasing as well – these include a sequel to Ground Team 6, the fourth installment of Malik the Bard, and two new books The Prowlers and The Chosen Two, respectively.
  • Likewise, will be releasing a sequel to The Red Flux & the Wunderkind Thief, titled The Red Flux & the King’s Crown. The novel will debut on the third tier of’s subscription service with an episodic roll out.
  • My wife Beccah McConnaughay and will also be releasing a young-adult fantasy novel called Cotton: The Spinster’s Daughter, which will debut on the third tier of’s subscription service with an episodic roll out.
  • We have begun development on Readers Digested, Vol. 3, with Scott and having already written two novelettes apiece for inclusion. Anything published will go immediately to the second tier of’s subscription service.
  • We are currently in conversation with Bradley Walker and one other unlisted author about releasing larger works through Mishmashers, and can’t wait to share more with you!

   That’s it for now! I hope to speak more to you about each project more extensively, as well as some of the improvements we are hoping to make with 

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