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The Next Phase | May on Mishmashers

   The last few months on Mishmashers have seen a lot of progression. Some progression, readers from the outside looking in might not be privy too. For that reason, we wanted to thank you for your support and hope you continue to soldier on with us. Everything we do is rooted in a genuine, unabashed passion for storytelling and developing a platform for that to be achieved.

   In April, Mishmashers had more revenue than any month prior (and it wasn’t even close), and that makes us very excited for what’s next. We aren’t 

millionaires yet, nor are we at all where we want to be by the end, but the small successes help make all our investments feel vindicated.

   Largely, the next phase of Mishmashers is our continued investment in upcoming authors, marketing them (and thereby, us), and finding as many ways as we can to bring eyes to all our stories.

   Readers Digested: Vol. One and Vol. Two are a significant part of our physical and eBook objective, which is why we have done so much to try and reel in other authors to become involved in the project. In the Fall, Mishmashers Publishing will seem a major uptick in the amount of live conventions we’re able to attend. Thus, it is imperative we have both collections available in time for the Halloween season.

   As of now, Vol. 1 is about 78% filled. Largely, it will come down to a couple key stories we’re waiting on. Once they are sent and edited, we can start formatting and prepping for publication.

   Vol. 2 is about 66% filled. Although we have all of our larger stories ready and prepped, what we need now are short stories and flash fictions that match the look and feel of what we are hoping to accomplish.

   Although it may seem like a lot of development and Fall may seem far, far away, it is important to remember that our publication model is largely based in online content. Every story can be read on, whether it is available free of charge or through our Patreon-powered monthly Subscription. Every subscription directly helps us develop more stories and content at a steadier pace and is greatly appreciated.

   Speaking of, author Ashley Grant made her debut on Mishmashers Publishing this month with her flash fiction Glass Case which can be read here. Expect another short story from Ashley later this month. Both will be included in Vol. 1 of Readers Digested.

  Likewise, McConnaughay has added a new short story for all of you read called A Knock at the Door, which will be included in Vol. 2 of Readers Digested. The story can be read here.

   On the subject of McConnaughay, The Aeonian Saga recently debuted on Mishmashers Publishing, an ongoing fantasy series that will be available exclusively on our website (until official publication sometime in the next year). The first three chapters are available to read free – the Table of Contents can be found here. The Aeonian is set after McConnaughay’s other Aeonian fantasy stories (The Heir’s Brother, The Red Flux, and Katalene the Hollow), but can be read and enjoyed without reading any of them, and it’s only recommended that you read The Red Flux for added context (maybe consider reading The Red Flux back-to-back with The Aeonian as they’re added to

What started with The Red Flux & the Wunderkind Thief in 2016, and was followed by Katalene the Hollow and The Heir’s Brother, continues with The Aeonian Saga. Set in McConnaughay’s meticulously-crafted world of Maharris, The Aeonian follows a young man and woman named Leonis Happick and Sairyn Althea. Both natives of the laidback, country-esque Acera, they find their worlds disrupted when a rival kingdom targets their homes using a mysterious, but powerful strength called The Aeonian.

   Expect new installments of The Aeonian Saga, and his other stories likeThe Red Flux & the Wunderkind Thief and his collaborative story with Rebeccah McConnaughay called Cotton: The Spinster’s Daughter throughout the month of May. All of which are currently available to read free of charge on Mishmashers.

   Something else we’re hoping to develop is a fantasy anthology (“Dreamers Hallow, Vol. 1”), although that remains in its infancy. Our first official story, however, can be found with Scott Moore’s novelette called In Stone They Wait, which can be read freely the month of May, but will find itself exclusive to the subscription service come June.

   Also from Scott Moore, expect more installments of his collaborative story with McConnaughay called The Canes, which we anticipate will see an uptick of installment releases in the next month. As he develops the fourth installment of the Malik series, readers can treat themselves to the original novel Malik the Bard now on The first three chapters are now available free-of-charge and the whole novel can be read through our monthly subscription. If interested, the Malik the Bard table of contents can be found here.

“Malik was a simple youthful bard, who dreamed of revenging his parents. With his dream of revenge on his doorstep, can Malik face his fears and rally against the notorious mercenaries known as the Tempre Warriors, or will he allow them to find the relic of the Crystal Dragon and destroy more than he could ever imagine? Everything was going fine until the day he met Mollie and the monster’s she brought with her. Now with his life turned on end, he discovers his life was never so simple.”

    Lastly, Mishmashers will be changes its interface in some significant ways over the next month or so. Although, it will require some time to fully take shape, we believe the changes will help to create a better, more convenient experience navigating For instance, our frontpage will soon change to a more streamlined selection of all our different story categories / content. This is meant as a way to help readers get the best that has to offer for them. Now that we have more stories, more intuitive and creative means will be taken to bring the most out of what we’ve all helped create together. Stories that are free to read will be distinguishable by an unlocked symbol on their cover, whereas stories that require a subscription will have a locked symbol on theirs.

   Every month, Mishmashers Publishing will bring new, special content for you to enjoy, including original flash fictions, short stories, and full-length novels, so be certain to check back and consider subscribing to our Patreon-powered Subscription Service.