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The Adventures of Vulpecula | Serial | Episode One: “The Grand Illusion” | 4

He lifted a smaller box and walked it over to the other side of the room. His friends evidently picked up on what he was doing because they began helping him move the boxes until they found what they were looking for.

A small door to the side of the stage, it hadn’t been completely unexposed and hidden, but would be easy to miss if one didn’t know what they were looking for.

Vulpecula climbed over some of the boxes covering it and opened the door. The inside led to a janitor’s closet and from there, the side of the stage. There was an emergency exit on each side of the theater; this would be much more likely than the front-entrance. Vulpecula opened the door and sure enough, it led out the side of the building. The misdirection as well as the confusion would enable to means of escaping inconspicuously, although some attention might be drawn to the exit-door being opened.

Vulpecula admittedly felt discouraged at the rationalizations; there was a lot of assumption that came to the conclusions. Unfortunately, he could see absolutely no way whatsoever how two individuals could escape while everybody else remained oblivious. There was too much risk, somebody would have seen something. He noticed the alarm-system on the side of the door and lent thought to the fact that it didn’t go off. It should automatically go off, if somebody is using the emergency exit for a just emergency, but it didn’t. He walked outside feeling the warm air touch against his skin, but in his head, he was imagining it was raining, just as it was when she went missing.

Feet stamping upon puddles of water while rain dropped on them, they would continue before turning left, Molly Louise would likely remain anxious or fearful. She would either be trying to fight away from the kidnapper or not be. She’d fight back, or she would go willfully, but the man would be in a hurry, and therefore, he would probably be pulling at her hand and trying to make her be swift. Vulpecula walks fourth into the parking-lot. They make it into the car but not before being seen by an older gentleman that faintly sees them in the pouring rain.

Vulpecula walks around aimlessly, knowing that this is the range where the imagination takes over. And so, he falls to a seated position in the parking-lot, looking up at the entrance of the theater. And, all at once, the answer showed itself to him with astounding straightforwardness.

Welcome to McKinley Hall Theater!

Home of the Magnets!

We Are Currently Closed.

“I’ll tell you the truth, V,” Lacerta began bluntly out of the blue while they sat down at the Sidian Inn’s dining hall.

Each eating their usual meals and sitting in their assigned seats designated to them by Vulpecula, who oftentimes found change to be more cluttering than innovative, at least when it came to things of such importance.

I would certainly appreciate the truth over a lie,” Vulpecula answered honestly, twiddling his fork around his food with little of an appetite.

I believe that Eric Leon was bamboozled and tricked by Molly Louise. You saw the way that he looked when we talked to them. He was absolutely devastated, and I am assuming that there is a little more behind their ‘partnership’ than he is letting on.” Lacerta explained.

“Are you suggesting that they were lovers?” Vulpecula inquired curiously.

I am suggesting that one loved the other, I think that Molly Louise met somebody else, or maybe even somebody she knew while in Hardan. The life of a stage performer isn’t very good, and I believe she probably wanted to spare Eric Leon’s feelings. I am thinking that the person that the witness saw with Molly was that ‘somebody else’ and she hesitated because she didn’t want to hurt Leon.” Lacerta explained with a lot of confidence.

Possible,” Vulpecula said simply, neither agreeing nor disagreeing. “What about you, my feathered friend?” He asked, motioning over to Apus.

Apus looked at him.

“Eric Leon wants to believe that it’s a kidnapping, but this doesn’t necessarily look like a kidnapping to me.” Apus commented.

“Exactly,” Lacerta called out smugly.

“And what do you believe it appears to be,” Vulpecula asked simply, once more seeming neither convinced nor uncertain.

“Now, hold on, Lacerta, because while I think that your theory carries weight, I do have a thought for another. Well, uh, you know how Eric Leon expressed that it was all about reputation and image in theater? Granted, it doesn’t look like a kidnapping, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be one with a different coat of paint. What if the kidnapper had dirt on Molly Louise, or somebody that she was close to like Eric Leon? Her acting might serve as a martyr for containment of something scandalous.” Apus’ voice didn’t carry nearly the same confidence as Lacerta with his theory, and he made sure to add, “I’m just trying to make sure we see all the possibilities,” at the end of his dialogue.

“Thank you, Apus, and extortion or blackmail is certainly a reasonable outcome to expect.” Vulpecula stated warmly, a small but assuring smile on his face.

Silence befell the room, aside, of course, the chit-chatting that occurred outside their social-group, Vulpecula could hear the youthful conversing of a couple of young fellows only a few feet away from them, sitting in a booth. He could also hear teeth chomping down against their meal, an older couple that hadn’t spoken much of a word since sitting down moments earlier. Vulpecula brought in a breath, taking in the aromas composed of various foods being prepared and the scent of the customers, most certainly. In the loving serenity of the environment before him, Vulpecula couldn’t help but feel the callous stares of his acquaintances obviously wanting something that he hadn’t yet gathered.

“Well,” Lacerta eventually mumbled sternly, a little bit of annoyance befalling his voice, as if he had secretly sent Vulpecula the well-deserved power of telepathy.

“I’m sorry, did you say something?” V asked, knowing full-heartedly the answer to his own query.

“Which idea do you think nailed it the most? Do you believe what I said about her running away with a lover or do you believe Apus’ theory about her being blackmailed into an unwitting departure away from performing? You are kind-of the head-honcho on this,” Lacerta asked.

Vulpecula wished Lacerta would brighten his vocabulary in such a way that discarded words such as “nailed,” there was no nailing to speak of in this evening’s endeavors.

“What is your favorite film, Lacerta?” Vulpecula replied casually.

“What!” Lacerta seemed shocked with the rebuttal, “What are you talking about?”

“I am talking about films, commonly called motion pictures, flicks, and about a million other synonyms. I watched The Red Lane Starlet recently, the screen-adaptation, I mean, as much as I would love to see Molly Louise’s portrayal, I have little reason to believe she’ll actually be returning to her role soon.” Vulpecula’s face momentarily wrinkled with despair at the fact, he really would have liked to have seen her portrayal. “There were a couple of minor changes that some critics ranted about upon the release of the film. However, I thought it was rather enjoyable, had a certain light-heart apathy on such heavy subject matter.”

“We were talking about the case!!” Lacerta called out angrily, hence the second exclamation mark.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought that both of you had finished.”

“Which one do you think is right?”

“Neither, of course,” Vulpecula answered back honestly.

“Then, what did happen?”

“While I have already concluded, I believe that the answer will come out in due time.”

“What is the answer!?” Lacerta called out. “Vulpecula, I swear, I just, you, …” Lacerta stopped shortly after his ramblings. He couldn’t find the words to verbalize his affection for the white-furred fox. Lacerta let out a breath, rubbing his love-filled temples to keep his infatuation under control. “What is the answer?”

“I’ve already cleared the chalkboard, the answer to the case has been found, and I don’t believe there is any more reason for inspection. Molly Louise will come out of, ahem, hiding in due time.” Vulpecula answered back, neither proud nor dissatisfied.

It was an interesting case to say the least, one with misdirection, flamboyance, showmanship, and intellectual turmoil. Vulpecula sat back in his chair looking at the distraught and dissatisfied Lacerta while also looking at the confusion in the eyes of Apus. He couldn’t remember all of the ties that he found in the first place, once the chalkboard was erased, it was gone forever. He kept notes and information stored somewhere or another, as you are reading, but he rarely found sentiment in them. He kept one fact and one fact alone, the answer to the case was to be revealed by itself.

Eric Leon would find the whereabouts of Molly Louise as soon as everybody else and react with whichever emotion suited him. He’d likely feel hurt or angry, but it wasn’t for Vulpecula to cause. Vulpecula merely took the time to put Eric Leon’s heart at ease, informing him that Molly Louise was safe, and told him to go home and get some much-needed rest.

Molly Louise’s Disappearing Act, Magnet’s Newest “Attraction”!

Written by Michael Stiles of the Rescue Tribune

Less than two weeks ago, visitors of McKinley Halls, as well as citizens of Acera alike were taken aghast by the disappearance of actress, Molly Louise. Performing the leading role as Amy Sextant in the highly-acclaimed A Blood Lane Starlet, Molly Louise stepped upon and triggered a trapdoor sending her beneath the stage. The fellow performers dismissed this as an individual mistakenly unlocking the latch to the comical dismay of Molly Louise; however, they soon realized that Molly Louise was nowhere to be seen.

We have since learned that there was another story being told only known by Molly Louise and a very select few. “There was nobody on stage that knew about what I was doing, I couldn’t see their reactions, but I am told by my friends that nobody knew what was going on,” Louise tells the Rescue Tribune interviewer, Michael Stiles. Molly Louise fell safely beneath the stage before being helped to her feet by a member of Magnet, the most prominent group of performers in all Maharris. “We made special precautions to ensure nobody discovered us while making our escape. Everybody was looking at the stage, nobody knew what was going on, and we used it as a chance to go through the emergency exit. There were a lot of Magnet members blocking me from view also,” says the newly established Magnet member.

Molly Louise did not go completely missed as one witness recalled seeing her flee in the parking-lot minutes after. Molly Louise has confirmed the validity of this statement and clarified that she was nervous about going through with the ‘staged kidnapping’. Some might be uncertain as to why Molly Louise would have wanted to do such a large and controversial spectacle. Magnet has long-since established a name for itself by having the finest that Acera-born performers offered, and while Molly Louise has made herself prominent as one of the most known actresses ever to come out of North Rites, she was born in Hardan. “There are certain traditions that are upheld by Magnet. They rarely make exceptions, but I needed them to make one, badly. If you are not a member of Magnet, you might as well go home, and I couldn’t accept that I wouldn’t be allowed in by a technicality. They told me that if I did something extraordinary that they would let me into the group. And so, here I am.”

Molly Louise revealed herself at the McKinley Halls’ biggest available theater in-front of over ten-thousand audience members and was welcomed as the newest member of Magnet. She will be joining the troupe throughout this year, participating in various acts that have yet to be specified. “I realize that there are a lot of things that I had to do; I might have surprised a lot with my actions, but looking back at where I was, and looking at where I am now. I have no regrets about my decision.”