Mishmashers Publishing publishes all genres, including (but not limited to): fantasy, horror, speculative fiction, drama, comedy, romance, and mystery. We do not accept erotica or fetish horror. All submissions must be in English.

   The expectation of transparency: Although Mishmashers accepts previously published submissions, we expect you to be forthcoming of that information and will react accordingly. If a story has been published online, for inclusion on Mishmashers, that story must be hidden behind a paywall. 

   Multiple submissions: Mishmashers hopes to offer a platform with distinct names and familiar faces, not a rotating door of storytellers. For that reason, we will accept up to three stories at a time be submitted per individual, or more, if requested. Unsolicited spamming of our inbox could result in exclusion from the website.

   What we like / don’t like: Mishmashers Publishing was founded by Scott Moore and McConnaughay, writers of both The Canes (a mystery series about a detective fox and mean detective Doberman) series / and dark fantasy like The Wardens and Katalene the Hollow. Suffice to say, the website has both an interest in the silly and the macabre. The company is open-minded and considerate to a writer’s intent – what we will not allow is subject-matter we interpret as actively condoning racism, pedophilia, or abhorrently violent behavior. This is not the same as writing about a character who is racist / violent, etc. – as said, we consider intent.

   Marketing: All stories published on Mishmashers Publishing, be it a Free Stories addition, Paid or otherwise, we take it as our personal duty to market and promote said story with as much gusto and creativity as we can muster. When you look good, we look good. When people are reading you, they’re reading us. 

   Free stories: For stories you have published elsewhere online, be it some other publication / or your personal blog page, you can submit your story for consideration in our free tier. Stories in the free tier are not hidden by the paywall and can be read by anyone on Mishmashers.com, be it a paid subscriber or hopeful onlooker.

   Paid stories: Stories that are accepted onto Mishmashers.com receive a monetary return of either $5.00$10.00, or $25.00, respectively. Stories can be flash fiction (up to 1,000 words) or short stories (up to 6,000 words), if you have a mandatory minimum payout, please preface so in your submission form.

   Novelette / Novel: Although we won’t be able to accept every story submitted for our Anthologies, (which we shop at book panels and conventions) that should not dissuade you from submission. Even scarcer can we publish an individuals’ full length novel. When we do, however, we try our best to optimize our worth. This includes:

  • The Novelette / Novel story will be made available to purchase on our Storefront (profit made will be split 60 / 40, you). Reports regarding your story’s sales can be given any time per request.
  • The Anthology / Novel story will be made available to purchase on Amazon for Kindle and Paperback. Novelettes packaged in our Anthology will receive standard $25.00 payout, but will also be published as an individual title on Amazon Kindle (profit made will be split 50 / 50 after Amazon’s cut). Likewise, reports regarding your story’s sales can be given any time per request.
  • Novels published through Mishmashers Publishing will be carried at Comic Cons and book panels, with photographs documenting your novel’s participation.
  • Standard contracts are a six month exclusivity. For one year contracts, Mishmashers Publishing will provide cover work and extensive editing assistance on your manuscript (to the best of our abilities).

Contact: – Mishmashersdotcom@gmail.com


Upon acceptance, payment for a story will be given within 24 hours of publication on the Mishmashers website. Payment is sent via PayPal.

Novelette / Novel Publication

   Unlike our Free Stories and Paid Stories submission tiers, our Novelette and Novel publications are more personal and flexible, meant to meet the needs of each other and the submitter. Reach out to us and see if we can meet your needs.


Mishmashers Publishing wants to be as frontward and clear as possible about what we ask from submitters. We’re a company for writers, by writers, setting our foundation through mutual respect.