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Introducing Bradley Walker

Bradley Walker is a 29 years (and 19 month old) from Liverpool, England.

He moved to London in the pursuit of a creative career, and has found a happy home in the solitude of writing.

He can often be found writing scripts, short-stories, novellas, novels, of varying genres – though his work tends to revolve around bittersweet realities of life, with a subtle pervasion of horror. He applied to be a writer with Mishmashers after enjoying their incredible ethos and approach to generating more writing in a world where it is often more of a niche form of entertainment, and hopes to enjoy a very long career in partnership with the great team there.

Above all that, he hopes you (yes, you) enjoys the stories. Feel free to hit him up with feedback, or ideas that you’d like to plant in his brain, and let him nurture them in to full stories. Seriously, he’ll write about nearly anything and love it in its own right.

Stay safe, stay scary, guys! – Bradley Walker

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