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Building a Platform | February on Mishmashers

   Does it feel like January went by fast to anyone else!? Crazy, crazy, crazy! That’s okay though, Mishmashers is all systems go for February!

   Thanks for everyone who supported our revamped website in our inaugural month. Be it from signing up to our official Newsletter, helping our growth with our official Patreon-powered Subscription service, purchasing our stories from the Storefront, or merely enjoying the Free content. It means a lot. Really.

   And if you’re a writer who is at all interested in participating in our company, look no further than our Submissions page. Mishmashers is very much in its infancy and we’re enthusiastically searching for individuals interested in its growth.

   In the new month, we have a new batch of writers and stories to introduce. All of them are free to read in the month of February (meanwhile, all the releases from January will be moved behind the Patreon paywall – but it’s only a $0.99 subscription to regain access!).

February on

   Scott Moore and I (McConnaughay) are full steam ahead in our development of a Horror Anthology series, aptly named Readers Digested: Vol 1., Vol. 2, and Vol.3.

   That’s right! We’re developing not one, not two, but three releases at once, and while it is a lot of work, we are up to the task. Last month, Scott Moore’s novelette The Color House offered a taste of our “Horrors of the Mind” Anthology. This month, Scott is contributing a new novelette (which you can read free the month of February) to the “Fear of the Unknown” Anthology. 

   In Scott Moore’s A Monster Story: What Once Was:

“A long way from home, a group of scientists, soldiers, and miners come together to catalogue a new world. With expectations of a large payout and a cushy life in retirement, they all contend with the struggle of building a resource and information laden bounty. All is as well as can be until the top scientist for the mission goes missing without a clue. Follow a story of what it means to be human as seen through the eyes of a monster.”

   In turn, McConnaughay has developed his own installment into the “Horrors of the Mind” Anthology. Whereas last month’s The One Two Punchline offered a heartfelt, emotional tale with surrealist elements, the new story Parlor Tricks is the antithesis of that. It is balls to the wall mayhem, paying an homage to the slasher subgenre.

   In McConnaughay’s Parlor Tricks:

“ABIGAIL has been away from the small city of North Rites since high school, bidding it adieu in celebratory fashion. However, when a famous traveling horror show comes to town, she reunites with her former classmates to see what they have instore. They soon discover a newfound horror beyond simple make-believe and parlor tricks.”

   That isn’t it though for Mishmashers’ new stories on the platform.

   After Matt Schorr’s previous story A Monster in my Room, Mishmashers has brought him back for a new short story called Ghost Lamp. If subscribed, I would highly recommend reading Monster prior to Ghost Lamp, as I felt they acted as a neat little spiritual series (not a sequel, but it feels like it could’ve been).

   Todd Rigney has added a new wacky flash fiction called Regret, Inc., which can be enjoyed alongside his other previous two flash fictions (all flash fiction stories remain free to read and aren’t subject to the paywall).

   And lastly, Mishmashers has brought on Tim Babbitt aboard with his debut short story called The Labyrinth and the Lighthouse

   In summary, with the new stories, we are about a third finish with our “Fear of the Unknown” anthology, halfway through “Horrors of the Mind”, and still a ways away from our “Criminal Horror” Anthology.

   In the future, we are hopeful that we’ll be able to step away from the Horror genre and develop more in Fantasy, Science-Fiction, and Drama (which we intend to develop Anthologies for as well). That’s all in time, however.  

   Every month, Mishmashers Publishing will bring new, special content for you to enjoy, including original flash fictions, short stories, and full-length novels, so be certain to check back and consider subscribing to our official newsletter.