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Author Bio: “Todd Rigney”

   Todd Rigney lives in Lexington, Kentucky, where he spends his time with his wife and their four cats. And, thanks to the pills, he hasn’t killed anyone. Yet.

   Released in time for the 2004 Halloween season, Todd Rigney authored .found, a dark, offensive paperback / digital release that illustrates exactly why Rigney is a premiere author of Mishmashers Publishing‘s horror-wing Readers Digested.
   The story concerns itself with a young boy named Marty, the ideal fifth grader, if you will. He has everything you could ask for in a kid. His grades are topnotch, he listens to his teachers, and he lives a controversy free life. But there is a darkness hidden beneath all of that. One that is beginning to engulf young Marty’s life. Bullies won’t leave him be and his parents don’t understand him. Soon, Marty must come to grips with a terrible secret that threatens his very way of existence. In 2012, Todd Rigney’s story was adapted into a full-length feature film that receives positive reviews from credible horror outlets like Bloody Disgusting
   Since then, Todd has stayed in the macabre, like the 2015 hallucinatory horror story M’RTH and detective story DANCING ON THE EDGE OF A BLADE, among others.
   Outside of fiction, Todd has dabbled in other entertainment ventures like writing for Dread Central.
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