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An Introduction: “The Canes”

   Initially conceived as a solo project in 2013, author McConnaughay began Vulpecula & the Canes Vinatici, a story about a ragtag trio of animals hoping to offset the status quo set by the tyrannical Canes. Shortly after, the next evolution in the concept came. Instead of being set amidst the Canes’ regime, it was instead set after it was brought down. Taken down by Vulpecula‘s father Hensley Noel and a resistance known as Rescue, The Canes were but a relic of a bygone era. However, the aftermath left Vulpecula without a mother and father, some fame and notoriety, and a serious chip on his shoulder.

   By 2014, McConnaughay had discovered the serial episodic format of his character, borrowing influence from classic mystery series’ like Sherlock Holmes and the 3-D platforming videogames of his childhood (like Sly Cooper and Ratchet & Clank, for instance).

   In 2015, brother Scott Moore became involved in the project, creating the Detective Sanec Barker character and writing his own series of episodic serials to parallel Vulpecula’s journey. Whereas Vulpecula is a neurotic, empathetic, and highly emotional detective, that couldn’t be further from the truth when it came to Detective Barker, who is not above resorting to crime in-order to advance himself in law enforcement.

   By 2018, the first installment became available on Kindle and paperback, a novel known as The Canes Files. The series sees Sanec’s ascension up the rankings as well as Vulpecula’s descension into madness.

   In 2019, a sequel The Canes Awaken was released, building on the foundations of what the original installment laid out. The characters become further fleshed out, delving more into the moral quarries and anxieties of The Fox Detective and the prejudices that started when The Canes Vinatici were brought down from power, with many canine-species’ often dealt mistreatment and forced to live lives of poverty.

   In 2020, a third story The Canes Perception hit book shelves, with Sanec Barker further engrossing himself in the underbellies of Maharris, setting the cogs in-motion for his greater schemes and the Fox Detective dealing with his own personal turmoil, including alcoholism and an emotional struggle that threatens to send him over the edge.

   Currently, a fourth story is in development.